Sang Pemimpi / The Dreamer (2009)

Sang Pemimpi (2009) Quality: DVD
Subtitle: -
Genres: Drama
Directors: Riri Riza
Stars: Vikri Setiawan, Rendy Ahmad, Azwir Fitrianto
Country: Indonesia

Synopsis: Sang Pemimpi is the sequel to Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Troops). Ikal, his cousin Arai and his friend, Jimbron, are now 17, and finding their path in life. Ikal still misses his first love, who left Belitung, leaving memories and a tin box depicting the Eiffel tower. Arai, a playboy, falls in love with his schoolmate, Zakiah Nurmala that is seemingly unrequited. Meanwhile, Jimbron is dreaming of rescuing Laksmi, a young girl who works in a grass jelly factory. source





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